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:fou: Just bought Test drive unlimited again (had for 360 loved it) When it gets about 2 minutes into the game it freezes for 5 secs then An error ocures and has to close progam to prefent damage :cry: Does anyone now how to fix this problem or is there anythink to download i already had the latest patch on my CD. I really love this game and im really annouyed because its a amazing car game. Ive already tryed to forums 1 of them is Atari wich no1 has replyed or looked at for hours.... :fou:
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  1. Man i thought this was going to be a screenshot of a sweet crash in the game. I can't help though sorry.
  2. checked google? what does the crash message say?
  3. Do you have problems in any other games? Are you running a no DVD patch? Have you tried updating/changing display and sound drivers? What are your system specs? Can you post the specific error message?
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