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I've been a fan of rts games for quite some time with the likes of Age of Empires 2, Rome:Total War, Starcraft, and Cossacks:European Wars but, nowadays, I seem to see a shift more towards FPS games which, is not a bad thing but, I'd hope that developers and designers as such would try to keep being innovative and release rts games that are revolutionary atleast in terms of gameplay as such.. Anyways, that's my mere opinion on this feel free to suggest your own thoughts.. :hello:
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  1. tried supreme commander? company of heroes? World in conflict? all of them great, all of them RTS (all great imho anyway :p)
  2. Same boat as you, tried SupCom (don't like), never tried WiC or CoH (not really into ww2/ww1 etc)

    Did you play c&c3, there's nothing new, but atleast it ain't Generals lol..

    I just got the expansion, Kane's Wrath, and it's pretty fun. You're seeing the events as CABAL/LEGION (CABAL from Tiberiun Sun/Firestorm), I just awoke my Cyborg army WOOOOOOOOO! The missions have been great, some being you playing the opposite side of what you did in C&C3 as GDI (actually help the GDI unknowingly, and start the Scrin invasion as Kane sorta planned).
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