Only successfully boots in safe mode

Phenom IIx4 945 (no OC)
gigabyte gamaxtud4p
4 gigs corsair xms3 @ stock timings and 1.5v
seagate barracuda 7200 rpm 500gig
antec earthwatts 650
XFX 5750 factory overclock edition (where i suspect the problem is)
Apevia black dreamer case
Liteon dvd writer/drive
linksys AE1000 wireless adapter
MIcrosoft usb mouse
Dell keyboard

Greetings sages,
The ole computer is being a pain. Well it has been since I built it back in march, and have finally decided to seek help for it. It has boot issues. When booting first thing in the morning, the computer would fail to load past the windows loading screen. So i'd hold the power button, reset and usually would get one of 2 options.
Boot into safe mode
startup repair.
The computer has never failed to boot into safe mode.
The startup repair will ask to do a system restore. Sometimes that works. "more information" button in startup repair reads either " a recent driver installation may have cause the problem" or "unspecified system changes"
Not doing system restore yields "startup repair failed"

Usually booting into safemode, and immediately rebooting into normal windows works. But not anymore. :(.
I have done multiple reinstallations of Windows 7 with full reinstalls. I used to have linux 10.04 dual boot, but reformatted everything and got rid of it.
Set memtest86 before going to bed, no errors after 8 passes.

Why i suspect the graphics card- it idles really hot. It idles around 51 degrees, which seems awfully hot for the card. It doesnt overheat while gaming, but I dunno. I'm lost at this point. I had a bunch of "amdkmd has stopped responding" a few months ago with drivers 10.3 and 10.4. the latest one seems to work. I also can't alt+tab without a game crashing.
Thanks for reading
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  1. windows 7 64 bit ultimate
  2. In BIOS be sure the Seagate harddrive is set up as a boot device. Try setting the drive as the 'first' boot device. Also, update all the system drivers especially the video card drivers (chipset drivers). Loading into Safe Mode requires few of the drivers needed to boot to desktop. Specifically the video driver. Latest drivers are available on the MB's online product page.
  3. ok. it was set as primary boot device. will work on getting updated drivers
  4. i had to reinstall windows-boots fine
    updated realtek audio drivers-boots fine
    updated chipset drivers-boots fine
    updated BIOS-boots fine
    installed wireless adapter drivers-boots fine
    installed latest catalyst-would not boot into windows normal

    snagged a second 5750 (asus)
    uninstalled catalyst-boots fine
    installed drivers from cd-boots fine
    the asus card works.
    Problem found
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