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CSS mapping times out while testing!!!!!!! please help!!!!!!

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April 19, 2008 3:24:06 AM

hi im mapping for css using source sdk and hammer. i made my map but whenever i test it, the client times out after about 10 seconds, i dont have any spawnpoints touching the ground and i have a t and ct spawnpoint+buyzone(that work correctly). i cant figure it out please help. :pt1cable:  Here is an excerpt from my dev. console while it leads up to disconnect

Counter-Strike: Source
Map: 1v1
Players: 1 / 32
Build 3264
Server Number 1
"[FOX] Geraldo Rivera<2><STEAM_0:1:13248236><>" STEAM USERID validated
No pure server whitelist. sv_pure = 0
CAsyncWavDataCache: 0 .wavs total 0 bytes, 0.00 % of capacity
Initializing renderer...
Couldn't find customization file 'sound/player/jingle.wav'.
Compressing fragments (2625 -> 2232 bytes)
Error! CMapOverview::SetMap: couldn't load file resource/overviews/1v1.txt.
material "sprites/flamefromabove" not found
Compressing fragments (1327 -> 917 bytes)
[FOX] Geraldo Rivera connected
Signon traffic "CLIENT": incoming 17.289 KB, outgoing 1.079 KB
Game will not start until both teams have players.
Scoring will not start until both teams have players
Adding master server XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Adding master server XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Game will not start until both teams have players.
Dropped [FOX] Geraldo Rivera from server (Client timed out)
Disconnect: Client timed out.
Disconnect: Client timed out.

0:Stopped sound weapons\elite\elite_rightclipin.wav
1:Stopped sound physics\cardboard\cardboard_box_impact_soft1.wav

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
July 9, 2008 3:17:03 AM

The map usually crashes or times out if you just test it through the "Run map" option in the hammer editor what you have to do is compile it first save.. then open CS:S and click create multi player then scroll down iuntill you find you map... anytime you make changes to it you must compile the map before running it or else you wont see the changes made :D  hope this helps..