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I need help opening the sandbox editor since when i click on the editor icon its says the application failed to start because iijl5.dll was not found and that i should try uninstalling it and installing it again but that doesn't work. I'm using windows xp 32bit is that the problem?
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  1. no one?
  2. ok, i had this problem with the editor when it came with the crysis demo, but now that i've installed the full game things are working just fine. doubt that helps any, but that was my experience.
  3. i had da same prob, just merge the editor files with da game files
  4. im having the same problem with the full game and i cant get it to work no matter what i try
    also how would i merge the files?
  5. i had the same it says it canøt feind the file bla bla bla you know but i have et on viste what can i do and make it easy for me im realy dum XD :sleep:
  6. Find the DLL. file online on a website like and download that then find that file and extract it to windows/system32 i think. i've done this myself on vista. It's just a matter of luck and time finding the files.

    Hope this helps, Ryan
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