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i can run Front lines: Fuel of War with all the graphic settings turn to max on 1280 x 1024 on windows xp very smoothly (60fps).

on vista i get 40fps but time to time it keep stuttering. i mean still it run very smoothly for second fps down 5 or 7 and next second it jump back to 40fps like it's stucks and play stucks and like bio shock ,call of duty,crysis i can run very smoothly on vista with all the graphic setting turn to max.i got the same problem with black site and company of hero's opposing fronts on vista but on windows xp those are fine too.

i did all thins know like update drivers and patching now i don't know what do ?

vista ultimate sp 1

intel core 2 duo E6600

asus P5B-E

kingston 4GB 8OOMhz

asus 8800GTS TOP

creative audigy value

asus 450w PSU

maxtor 250GB 72OORPM

( my system cooling is fine to)
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  1. ok, i am going to hypothesize that there is some kind of bottleneck occurring. I'd be inclined to say you are over-utilizing the memory (which would make sense with vista) but you have 4 gigs. Are you sure vista has recognized and is using all 4 gigs? And you do have 64 bit vista right? Otherwise, you can't use all 4 gigs anyway.

    First of all, make sure there are no background tasks that may be using up valuable processing power/memory. Next, using CPU-Z or BIOS, check and see if your ram timings/frequencies are actually what they are supposed to be and that there are no excessive differences. If you're not sure what to look for, post some screenshots here and we'll interpret the results for you. While you're at it, also perform the same checks on your processor and make sure the clock speed is remaining at what it is supposed to be. Perhaps it is possible that some frequency-throttling technology is dropping your clock speed in-game, though if you didn't have this problem with XP and are using the same hardware, this is unlikely.

    If all else fails, you may want to reinstall vista and see if that helps any. Whatever the case, there are many posters here who may try to convince you that vista is a pile of garbage and that you should just switch back to XP. The truth is, Vista works just fine if you are careful about driver/compatible hardware selection. So your problem should have a solution, but keep us posted.
  2. this maybe simple thing but in device manager right click on your hard drive property and change it to optimize for performance
    also search

    open services
    and look for your Superfetch feature and disable it
    was told that it's not good for gamers
    the feature will learn what you use most and load it up faster but it's like using up unnecessary memory.
    right click on super fetch change it from start up type: automatic to DISABLED

    that should definitely help overall performance if not in just that game
    plus you should get a usb flash drive for readyboost if you don't already have one
    just plug one in and it'll ask you if you want to use it for readyboost

    I'm just learning this stuff too on a mission to speed up vista. i'm new to it ^__^
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