Black Friday Deals?

What can I expect for this coming black friday? I have never really payed attention to black friday till now, what kind of deals can i expect

Does anyone know of anything that will come up. Basically im looking to build an AM3 micro atx phenom x3 with a decent/good ati video card.

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  1. ask me 1 week b4 black friday and i'll tell u.
  2. i for one will not stand out in the cold for 8 hours to save $50. I value my free time more than that. If somebody were selling new cars for $1000, I'd stand in line for 8 hours and pitch a tent.
  3. well, that is up to the person circumstances. i, on the other hand, would camp out for 8 hours just to save $50. :D but that is just me.
  4. Ok kool, ill bump this thread in a few weeks then so magicbullet can inform me
    what were some of the best deals offered last year?
  5. just google it. i've been using for a few years now. they were there the longest that i know of. some place gives you the rating of how hot the item is too. i got a canon last year for $150. regular price was $200 everywhere, so it was worthed for me.
  6. The only black friday shopping I've ever done was when i was 16-17 in the year 2000. My friend and I drove around to several metroplex Walmart's because they were getting Furby's in . We wound up w\ probably 7-8 of them @ $29.99 each I think. Ebayed them for upwards of $300 each.

    Go here. This site already has a number of actual ads scanned for Black Friday and many more to come. I signed up for e-mail alerts and have some shopping planned in because of the ads. It also divides items into categories for comparison. I was glad I found this site. It will probably be helpful to others as well. Especially, with most having such tight budgets this year. Cheers!
  8. Like itadakimasu said, 8 hours camping (not to mention the additional hours sleeping) to save $50 on mostly redundant items is not worth it for me. Most of the crap they're putting for black friday retails for hundreds of dollars, the products that aren't over a few hundred dollars are irrelevant to impulse buyers and the discounts arn't even worth camping for considering I've seen even better deals on regular days. Heck just check out woot, they have better deals sometimes. I got my ATI USB 600 HD TV Tuner for $19.99+$2.50 shipping since i shared shipping with my sister.... they sell for around $70 elsewhere)
  9. You don't have to stand in long lines to take advantage of Black Friday sales - the online stores compete with sales too - some even jump Friday a a few days - other start at 12:01 am - so you can buy yours before the other poor smucks start standing in those lines.

    Oh yes, I have stood in those lines in the past. Reminded me of college registration in the old days. I remember my first freshman registration when they told me it would take 4 hours. I figured someone was pulling my leg - but nope. I think I stood in line at Fry's for about an hour and a half - the checkout line - cuz I was buying 5 items and the savings mounted up. I was one of the lucky few with a shopping cart so I was nice and shared and let others place their items in it as we slowly snacked through the store.
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