Vegas2 on two pc's with same cd possible?

Hi, this is probably a really noob question but I just wondering if it is possible to install vegas2 on two computers with the same original CD/cd key and still be able to play co-op? If the game requires the CD to be in the drive while playing, can you use a crack, or does this company only allow you to use one cd/per computer at a time. The reason I was asking is that I have already ordered one copy and am just waiting for shipping and so I wanted to know if I would need two separate copies of this game in order for multiplayer/co-op to work. Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Without being illegal, yes you do need an additional copy of the game.
  2. actually you probably can

    i use one cd to play doom 3 on two computers

    and this is how i do it:
    i install the cd on both computers

    i then start the cd on one of the computers

    after that application is up and running i take the cd out of the drive and put it in the other computer and start that computers application.

    i dont think you should try and play multiplayer though
    with crysis you absolutely have to have two different cds, but only need one version to play on LAN
  3. It will violate your EULA, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to play a LAN game on the same CD key. I'd use a crack for one of them.
    (Actually, I'd crack both of them. I hate having to deal with CDs... :lol: Its my game. I paid for it. I'll open it how I please lol.)
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