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I've been watching the NBA playoffs, so I decided to finally load the NBA Live 2007 I bought a few months ago. So I unwrapped it and installed it.

What a steaming pile of excrement this game is. The graphics are ugly, and the frame rates suck. But even worse than the graphics is the game play. It doesn't feel like you have much control over the players. And it's next to impossible to grab rebounds. Luck is the only thing that will get you loose balls. The players jump awkwardly.

The people at EA Sports who were responsible for this sucky game should find a new line of work; I hear that 'Burger King' and 'Hot Dog on a Stick' are hiring. And who let this game out the door? Is there ANY oversight or quality assurance whatsoever at EA's PC division? No one sat down to play this turd?

I suspect that they may be largely ignoring their PC customers and instead focusing on the console market, but if they're going to be putting out turds like this, they should just get of the PC gaming biz completely.

I have EA NBA Live 2005 for my Nintendo Game Cube. It is REAL good. Excellent graphics, playability, game play, etc.. Why can't they make a game that's as good or better for the PC? After all, the PC's hardware is way more advanced than the GC's or PS2's.
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  1. Quote:
    Luck is the only thing that will get you loose balls.

    Depends on who's workin' at the keyboard.
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