hi everyone I heard that there is a ps2 emulator available called PCSX2 !? im asking a question can I play these two ps2 games with this emulator NBA STREET V2 and Gran Turismo 4 !?

..and also want to know will my PC specs run these two games in sufficient (playable) FPS ?

ASUS M2N-E nForce 540Ultra
AMD Athlon 64 4800+ X2 Dual Core
2GB DDR2 Kingston 2x 1GB Dual Channel
GeForce 7800GT 256MB GDDR3
Creative SB Live 6.1
Pioneer DVD/RW
Codegen 500W Dual +12V
LG Flatron 17" LCD
Windows XP SP2
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  1. I would say that you could probably run FFX, its the perfect running game on the pcsx2. That processor might bottleneck it too.
  2. u should run final fantasia x & many other games.i has a way to increase it fps 3 times then its real oh but u have post me the best answer. :D
  3. nah FFX might be a stretch but im sure Kingdom Hearts will run perfect its my #1 benchmark game for pcxe2 and ffx is alot heavyer
  4. My six year old intel core2duo e8500 with 4GB of ram with 2x radeon hd3870's runs pcsx2 and ffx just fine using opengl rendering. You should be OK.
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