Nintendo says: No price cuts for the Wii

I can't remember, did my Super Nintendo cost 100$ or 200$ way back when?
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  1. I think my NES pack cost $99, and the SNES was slightly higher - maybe $149.
  2. That sounds about right for the NES by the time I got it. As for the SNES, I just checked. It débuted at 199$ like I had thought. I believe the Genesis was also 199$.

    I remember packing up the SNES whenever we used to have to go visit "family" (not real family), then unpacking and playing Super Mario World the entire time. My ex-step-grandfather would almost take personal offence to it every time, haha. I don't regret a thing :)

    *edit: never had an ex-step-father or a step-father :)
  3. By the way, Ananan, do you happen to know where I can get a high resolution version of your profile picture? ;) Who is that?
  4. ^^ same
  5. Is this a surprise? Why would you cut the price of a product that can't stay on store shelves for more than a few seconds anyways?
  6. Nintendo should raise the price to 300$US, that's about what they're going for on eBay without shipping :)
  7. There is no reason for Nintendo to do anything but stay the course on pricing. That thing is selling like gangbusters and shows no signs of slowing down.
  8. The one Wii for sale at the only electronics shop from here to Bergen is going for about 500$US. I'll buy mine in the States this summer, thank you. Along with about 20 other things on my list that are half-price in the States compared to here :)
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