Keyboard Problem

Hey ,

I need help with something :

Well .. i play GTA San Andreas ,
I want to do a three-key-combination
i do first W and S the car will do a burnout
then i need to press A to turn while in a burnout
i must hold these three keys pressed .
but if i do W and S and then A my computer starts making a beeping sound
and i only make the burnout without turning
whats wrong ?

I have a Standard Microsoft Keyboard .
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  1. I think this problem is called ghosting or summit ... when you can't press 3 keys or more. Again i think the Logitech G11 onwards or the Razor Tarantula can fix your problem, however it's an expensive fix.
  2. I have a microsoft comfort curve 2000. It lets you press 6 keys at once and have them all function.

    It's only about £14 and has nice key action imo.
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