Looking for FAST and RELIABLE host!

Hi, I am looking for a fast and reliable host for my WoW server - we have become a really populated server and my internet can no longer host that many people. So I am looking for a faster host.

Server Name: Exile
What they will get in return: GM/Admin - Donations -
How many people you want it to hold: about 100+
What specs you would like to see:
Processor: At least Dual Core
Ram: At least 2 gigs
HD: At least 320gigs
Speed: At least faster than

Contact info:
MSN: jaggermister@hotmail.com
AIM: Bl33ditout628
forum: exilewow.co.nr

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  1. Are you looking at buying a new computer or finding someone willing to host your server?
  2. someone to host for me =)
  3. bump
  4. Why not just drop the $15 and play on the real servers instead of trying to bum a free server from someone with a nice connection?
  5. I don't beleive what your asking is legal.
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