Why Movie Tie-In Games Suck

Article by Travis Meacham.

The summer movie season kicks off this week which usually coincides with the arrival of poorly conceived tie-in videogames. Senior Editor Travis Meacham addresses the problems with movie tie-in games but offers hope for a couple exceptions this summer.

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  1. What about E.T. on the Atari 2600?
  2. The article pretty much nailed it. You can't place an arbitrary date of completion on a game, and expect that anything good is going to come of it. It's unfortunate, because at this point, I automatically assume if a game is based on a movie, it's going to be complete crap. I don't even give the game a chance. I wish the people behind these games would just stop.
  3. Not a fan of ass-kicking pandas?
  4. I started the Transformers demo, said "WTH?", then uninstalled it.
  5. Sorry, but it looks like the Iron Man games sucks too, from the initial reviews I've seen, as well as my own perception from watching live-action demo footage.
  6. I really enjoyed the Lego Star Wars games, and looking forward to the upcoming iterations (Indiana Jones and Batman). Transformers was a poor game I admit, but the PC version was significantly less in price and I happen to be a huge Transformers toy fan, so I am more forgiving on that one.
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