NEED HELP INTEL or AMD? Motherboard+Chipset dilema

ATTENTION: area 51 was absolutely correct. The AMD/nForce combo should not be that high a price(320). I have rearranged the oprices (as they were ordered in err) and added info below.
Any help would be so appreciated as I am really in a bind here and need advice from experience above my own. I am building a Computer and have narrowed down the motherboard chipset combo to three:

Intel P4 2.4 ghz chip with EliteGroup L4S8A2 motherboard featuring a SIS 648 chipset (TCO..$260)(Board 76/ chip 183)
Intel P4 2.4 ghz chip with ASUS P4PE motherboard featuring the Intel 845PE chipset (TCO..$328)(board 145/ chip 183)
AMD 2100+ chip with ASUS A7N8X motherboard featuring an nForce2 chipset. (TCO..$234.42)(board 137/ chip 95)
The main factor for me is that I get all the feature possible on my board (IEEE, USB 2.0, AGP 3.0, Serial ATA etc...). Now I know that the nForce2 is such a great chip and that AMDs are favorites among box builders but I don't know that this is the best choice for a few reasons. Total cost of ownership...although the AMD chip is much cheaper than the P4s when you add the SIS 648 chipsets into play then the CPU/Board combo seems to be a better deal than the AMD combo (note TCOs above). The SIS 648 chipset seems to have all the options you can get but it isnt hyped that much. The 845PE which seems to have fewer options is hyped more at more than double the cost. That makes me get the feeling that I am missing something about the 845PE chip or even something about the AMD side. Please help me figure out why one of these ss the obvious choice to go with...I can't figure it out!!

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  1. Go for the AMD setup.

    Your Mobo/Chipset selection is right for the AMD combo. Whatever you buy, NEVER buy a ECS mobo.

    Let us know what is the Best Chipset of 2002 in your eye.<A HREF="" target="_new"> Click </A>
  2. Out of the three, I would take this one:

    Intel P4 2.4 ghz chip with ASUS P4PE motherboard featuring the Intel 845PE chipset (TCO..$260)
  3. why have you got such a high price for the AMD setup? AMD systems should be WAY cheaper than an EQULIUVENT intel as a RULE. What hardware are you looking at exactly for all 3 setups?
  4. Area51 was right...see my modified post above. Thanks for the heads up Area51
  5. OK, let's see what's a better value, an XP2100+ or P4 2.4. Forget the fact that the XP2400+ is the correct comparison chip, and the AMD looks like a great deal!

    ECS makes cheap, crappy boards. If you want to compare the 2100+, take that CPU and overclock it to 2400+ speed. Then take the P4 1.8A and overclock it to 2400MHz. Similar performance, similar prices. But please, use the Gigabyte GA-8SG667 if you're looking at inexpensive boards, it's probably the best of the SiS 648 boards.

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