The best ever

I'm the best sniper ever got the one shot down to a tee, unstopable last night in bf we won almost all games because of the great sniping and team play. Really the other team lost because they wanted to snipe my ass so bad and the team all spawned as sipes leaving our gunners to move in on the snipes.
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  1. bf2?
  2. Thats pretty pathetic............I mean your post. :non:
  3. Too bad BF2 is terrible.
  4. Were you playing on Sesame Street? You really shouldn't shoot at the muppets.
  5. Well, yesterday, our team started out as heros and we lost hiding and dieing as a chicken. AWE the feeling of pure rape.
  6. Grats! Now please go back to playing BF2.


  7. Tip Top. Bet you're a virgin though
  8. rofl hate being humped
  9. Wow, i'm so impressed...
  10. you are so of full are yourself and i you awesome is good grammer at and also you am are easy read to sentence understand

    WTF dude, we don't care....
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