The Deadliest Catch game coming this month

Wow, check this out.
Anyone else think "The Deadliest Catch" is just an absolutely great show?
New video game coming this month, I can't wait to see it, hope it is good.
Way to go Sig!
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  1. Quote:
    that has got to be a joke, wtf sort of game play will there be?

    Yeah, you are right strangestranger.
    Why make a game about crab fishing when there are already so many other boring ass Flight Simulators, Golf Simulators, not to mention all the strategy games like Heroes of Might and Magic, Warcraft, and that damn game Oblivion. Been wandering around in it for 2 years talking to characters and slicing people with my sword. Ho-hum.
  2. Thats the point of a game, function is too keep you stay on computer 24/7. And forget everything (including eat, sex, interaction with other, etc), by the end you will realize how much money you pay for electric bill?
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