$5,000 budget for a new Gaming System!

Need advice on what system to get. Would love to hear everyone input. Is SLI worth getting? The only limitations are..

1)I can't build my own system... Has to be purchased i.e. Falcon.. Alienware.. Voodoo etc.

2)Can't sound like a 747 on take off. It doesn't need to be super quiet just not annoying. I have read lots of horror stories about high end systems being heard in the next room. I don't want to go crazy because of noise.

3)Must include a 19 or 20 inch monitor. I prefer an LCD due to space but I know there are only a few made that can be used for gaming. Monitor does NOT need to be purchased from the PC maker.

4)I must purchase the system within the next 2 weeks!

Thanks in Advance for everyones opinion!
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  1. For a $5000 gaming machine budget sli is pretty much out of the question. It is really nice but you really don't need it right now. The cost just isn't worth it.
    All purchased machines garbage in their own way but if building a machine is out of the question so be it.
    You might as well just go for an Alienware ALX machine. They are way overpriced just like everything else alienware makes but it will likely turn out better than any other prebuilt gaming machine. Dell is putting to much proprietary garbage in their systems now days.
    A 19-20" lcd that doesnt suck in games will likely eat half your budget. I highly recommend either sticking with a 17" lcd or going for a regular CRT. A 22" crt is dirt cheap now days, I got my mitsubishi FP2141sb for about $500.

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  2. I don't know what you guys are talking about. For $5K you can get a SONY 23" LCD (16ms) and a KICK-ASS computer. PCI-E, DDR2, SATA, Raptor drives best of the best power supply, 2 gig of RAM etc etc etc. It would almost be hard to spend all that money in my opinion. Maybe the prebuilt systems are more which I don't know. I'd say take the money and learn to build it yourself...it's kinda fun and you'll appreciate it more. I was I had 5k to spend. I'm in the process now with $2,300 and feel lucky. Good luck though.

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  3. Ok for 5K get ureslf a apple 30" display with an asusv9999ge@ultra
    Oh did i mention that that monitor has a resoulion of 2560X1600
    And A nice computer 300gb WD 1 RAptor and an athon 4000

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  4. ImageQuest L90D+ 19" LCD. 8MS response time, uses samsung panel.

    was reviewed at behardware.com with 7 other lcds and got the highest review score of 9/10.
    Newegg.com reviews are pretty high.

    Also palmerg here on the thg forums has one and speaks VERY highly of it. all these factors convinced me to get one, should have it friday at the latest.

  5. Not sure if it's your money or not but you could save a lot of money, A LOT OF MONEY, by building it yourself.

    It's pretty much impossible to spend $5000 if you build it yourself.

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  6. I don't know, I could kill $5000 pretty damned quick. lol.

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  7. The only way I could is with a 30" Apple LCD.

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  8. That would work :)
    Another good way to kill money fast is SCSI, lol. Slap in a couple 15k rpm drives and aww... all my money is gone :(

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