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Hi there.

I've recently set up a P4 system with Asus P4PE mobo in an Antec case that came with an Antec Trupower 330W.

The psu controls the back blow fan speed according to the load/temp of the PSU. When the power is turned on the P4PE (i think) detects the initial slow speed of the PSU fan to be abnormal or something and prompts that something is wrong with my power settings or something and asks to press F1 to ignore and continue booting or else enter bios.

Actually, this is not a problem as I could just select to ignore the PSU fan speed in bios and the whole thing is solved. But I was wondering if there is any way to NOT ignore the fan speed and still not get the warning and the subsequent pause during bootup?

Thank You.
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  1. Next time this happens, hit the del key to get into the bios, and check the hardware monitor section. You'll see red where the problem is. You can try disabling the "smart fan" feature on the first line, then hit F10 (save and exit) and see what happens. If the problem continues, you can try flashing the bios, just be careful. Asus support probably won't answer any email, but you can check to see what bios updates are available. I wouldn't use asus's program for flashing the bios while running windows. I use a windows 98 bootdisk. I load aflash and the bios update on a separate floppy. You have to download the bios update to your hardrive first, such as "my documents". Then unzip the file, and move only the sections you need to the floppy. You can also post your question on the asusboards forum. Maybe someone else has a better solution.
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