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Hello everyone :hello: , I'm new here, I'm not really sure if this is the apropriate section to present my problem, but here goes.

I've been recently having an input problem with several games.
It seems my computer cant handle more then a few inputs before I start loosing control of my character.
This happens with Cod 2, Quake 4 and Prey (the few I have ben playing lately). My computer even starts beeping when I try adding more input when I lose control of my character.

I've recently added a ATI Powercolor 9600 graphic card to my computer and I think thats when my problems started, bt im having a hard time beliving thats the root of my problem.

I'm not really sure what else I can do. I'm considering doing a format, but well.... It's a pain to do one and reinstall everything.
Any thoughts would be quite welcome. ;)
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  1. ? What do you mean when you say input?

    Do you mean pointing devices? do you mean keyboards? do you mean pressing several keys at the same time?

    Please be more specific what your problem is.
  2. Are you using wireless mouse and keyboard?
  3. a lot of cheap keyboards do that too. have you got budget stuff or decent branded?
  4. I'm using a keyboard and a mouse, both of them previous to installing my powercolor ati 9600 never gave me any trouble in games. My mouse is Usb and optical, as for my keyboard its ps2 (none of them wireless) and has a multimedia keys (if that matters). They were the cheapest ones I could find :).
    I have just formated my computer (ence my late reply :P) and it looks like that situation is better, but on tombraider legend, lara doesnt seem to be able to keep up with my commands (women...) after a few commands, I can take my hands off the keyboard and mouse and watch her do movements and looking around. I also tried reducing graphical detail on the game and no luck, still the same problem.
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