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II just bought a new motherboard (Gigabyte 7ZXE), CPU (Athlon 1800+), and case. All other components are the same a they were in the old PC (HP Pavilion 9600 CTO with Athlon 600 and HP's version of the ASUS K7M mobo). 512MB PC133 RAM, Win XP Home, Radeon 9000 Pro Video Card. I got everything conneted, got past the initial system BIOS checks and then I got the message "A disk error occurred. Press CTR+ALT+DEL to reboot". Hitting CTL+ALT+DEL didn't reboot the system. I could only use the reset or power down to move past the error.

I thought I may have damaged the hard drive somehow, but I connected it to my other system as the slave drive and was able to access and copy all of the data onto another drive.

I then reconnected it to the new MOBO and tried to repair XP, fearing that the MBR was damaged or the new hardware was somehow "confusing" it. When I told the BIOS to boot from the CD drive, it seems to find the boot record, says to hit any key to boot from CD, but then gives the same "A Disk error occurred..." message, this time adding a couple stray graphical glitches to the otherwise black screen. It seems strange to me that I can't access the system via the XP Recovery CD.

I tried disconnecting both CD drives and booting with only the Hard Drive. No luck. I double checked, and all drives are recognized correctly by the BIOS.

Was there something I should have done to tell my hard drive about the new hardware before removing it from the old system? Perhaps installing VIA 4-in-1's? The old mobo didn't have a VIA chipset. Or, is reformatting the only way to solve the problem? This could be rough, since I upgraded to XP from 98 on this system.
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  1. I have 2 HDD's. One with WinMe and the other with Win2k dual boot. I've swapped both HDD's out twice. Each time I had to reinstall Win2k. WinMe was fine. I don't get it. I uninstalled all of the drivers before swapping. There's something about these newer OS's that don't let you swap mobos. Perhaps someone will provide an answer so that next time I swap (which happens often) I don't have to reinstall Win2k.

    However, this doesn't help you. If you get a fresh HDD and install WinXP on it, you could then access the old disk, pull your important files over to your new disk then reinstall WinXP on the old disk. Or, hopefully someone can provide us with a solution.

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  3. Try switching the cables around, possibly you have the slave end of a cable connected to the master drive and it's confusing it. Some motherboards are picky about that sort of thing. It won't hurt anything if you do. Also note the first screen of bios when it detects your drives, make sure they're being detected.
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