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Hi, I recently bought Frank herbert's Dune but I can't play it on my computer, I have xp with an AMD single cpu (2.0Ghz) and other parts, so I don't think it's my hardware (cept maybe the CPU) that's the problem...

Anyway when I want to start the game the screen goes black with HUGE white squares/rectangles and after like 3 secs it settles into a large white rectangle in the center of the screen.

I've already reinstalled and such... I'm completly lost as to what the problem could be (btw there is no patch for XP or any mention of this on Google)
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  1. Hey Jonyb222,

    Is the Dune you are talking about the one made for Amiga/DOS and Sega by Virgin and Cryo interactive?

    Try DOSbox or any other programs that allows you to play old games. Maybe someone else has any more ideas on getting old games to play on XP. Either that or dig up an old Win95/98 machine lol

    Its a good game, hope you get it to work
  2. I don't think you're the only one havin dune problems
  3. DosBox is good solution, but it all depends on what version you are talking about.

    Dune, Dune2, Dune : Emperor of dune , Dune 2000... So many dunes.. :|
  4. It's the last one before they went bankrupt (2001) and also an adventure esque thing (similar to KOTOR I was told)
  5. ? 2001 and an RPG? I have not heard of this Dune.
  6. I found this on Wikipedia

    Frank Herbert's Dune

    Main article: Frank Herbert's Dune (video game)

    Based on the Sci-Fi Channel TV miniseries, Frank Herbert's Dune was an effort to create a 3D action game in the Dune universe. The game was not a commercial or critical success, and was the last product by Cryo Interactive (the studio went bankrupt shortly after the game flopped).

    As Paul, the son of the Duke Atreides's concubine and heir to the throne, you must earn the trust and respect from the natives of the planet Dune, the Fremen, to ultimately become their prophesied Messiah, Muad'Dib. You will have to free them from the desolate conditions their home planet is in. Done that, there still is the evil Lord Harkonnen, who, with covert backup from the Emperor, slaughtered your family.

    The story behind each mission is accurate to the world of the novels although they took place during the Two Year span in Dune where Paul gains the Fremen's trust.

    Some concepts of the gameplay were innovative. Such as the use of a Life Gauge and a Water Gauge, when the Life Gauge is empty you die but health can be restored at any point before that by drinking Water. This meant that the player had to time his drinks carefully to coincide with when he could next gain another drink. Another interesting concept was that if the player was able to stealthily sneak up on an enemy and attack him unawares, not only would he be dispatched without using any ammunition or taking any damage, but the player would also steal some of his water. Unfortunately this led to an incredibly steep learning curve which made what was already awkward gameplay almost impossible in some sections.
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