Which version is better for gaming

32 or 64 bit vista?

I will buy 2 more gigs of ram if I have to, I have 2 currently.

I just built a new computer, running XP but I can't get past WGA because I have used my XP key too many times so I figure I should just downgrade to vista because its inevitable.

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  1. I say 64-bit...but here's why.

    -The OS will read more RAM (which you don't need yet...but soon enough)
    -The 64-bit processing power if you have a 64-bit CPU. Right now you may not see a big difference in gaming but perhaps one day).
    -You'll be OS proof for the future.

    However, be reading to run into some compatibility issues sometimes. You can usually solve the problem by running the 32-bit version of the game if the 64-bit doesn't work.
  2. i wouldn't say it's a downgrade i much preffer vista never had any problems and i only use it for gaming. 64 bit
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