Best PC Gamepad Controller and Why?

Would appreciate Links, etc to what you think is the best Gamepad Controller that can be purchased today for the Computer.
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  1. That would be one of these babies:

    Combined with one of these:
  2. LOL.
    I actually have the Merc Stealth and the Microsoft Gaming Mouse. I need a good Controller mostly for my kids and myself to use some of the Sports Games and the Lego Star Wars Game.
  3. I hear good things of the XBOX pad in vista?
  4. From everything I've heard, the best gamepad for windows is the Xbox 360 controller.
  5. I've got one of the 360 controllers (wired, alas) and am using it on XP. It is the best controller I've ever had for the PC;

    Feels sturdy
    No annoying dimples that mark your thumbs after a while
    Long cable
  6. i use a PS2 control pad adapter and i only use it for racing games.
  7. I have a Saitek cyborg FPS rumble pad... It's pretty good so far, very sturdy.. the only thing I don't like about it is the cord, which isn't THAT bad seeing I don't sit waaaay back from my computer to play anyways... maybe if I had a large widescreen...

    My friend came over last weekend to LAN and we went out to a store where he ended up buying a x360 wireless gamepad for his PC. I was suprised at how many games he fired up and it worked without him touching a thing... was pretty impressed by that...

    they both aren't bad options. The thing I like about the cyborg is that you can flip the positions of the analog and joystick for the left thumb... very usefull for different games... as well for games that don't support gamepad's (let alone the x360 one) the Saitek Cyborg can be programmed to act as a keyboard and you can use it in any game for anything... pretty neat little feature...

    EDIT: Sorry forgot to include link
  8. For Racing, I have the Logitech G25 for racing and although it is quite expensive, it is the best racing experience you'll ever have in a videogame.

    As for other games like Star Wars, The Xbox 360 controllers should be all you're looking for. If you have a few dollars more you can treat yourself witht the Logitech Chillstream, which is a similar controller but with additional features.

    And for FPS, i use the logitech MX400 mouse and its all I need given the cheap price for it. Whatever you get, get a corded mouse because cordless ones cost a lot of battery money if you're a gamer.
  9. I rarely use a gamepad for my PC, but when I do I just plug in a Dual Shock 3 via a usb cable and it works great. I've heard good things about the Xbox360 controller, but you have to buy an adapter to use the wireless ones, and that's all I own.
  10. you can get a proper usb PC xbox360 controller from gamestation(here in the uk)
  11. xbox360 controller is awesome - great for sports games as you mention. i also use it for racing games and MAME32. i had an xbox already so i just bought the $20 usb receiver so i can use my wireless controllers on it - works great.
  12. I also use the xbox controller for pc, and a logitech rumblepad 2 (wireless), I kinda prefer the xbox one (I actually played most of Bioshock for PC on it, using my tv instead of monitor ofc), but they're both great.
  13. The best (as far as bringing realism to your gaming) has to be the Novint Falcon Touch. It's a small robotic pc controller that turned some heads at a recent NEC convention. The detail of the force feedback is something else. I saw blindfolded players that were able to tell the substances that their virtual hand was touching. It has a new 3-button pistol grip that makes shooter games feel like the real deal. Found out about it here at Best PC Gun - just my opinion but I like realism and this one brings it.
  14. For the VERY rare occaisions I want a gamepad on the PC I use a wired PS/2 controller with an adapter, One of my favourite control pads. Its rare I use one at all these days. I cant claim its the "best you can buy" but its the best Ive tried out of many. If I had used a xbox 360 a lot its possible Id have gone for one of their controllers. But the PS/2 does all I want it to. Worth noting I find the originals far better than the close imitations!
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