Grand Theft Auto IV Review

Review by Travis Meacham.

Rockstar welcomes you back to Liberty City for their magnum opus Grand Theft Auto IV where the cars are free and the bullets are plentiful. Find out if GTA IV is as good as they say.
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  1. "Buy this today"

    I will, once they code it for PC. And open the doors for online gaming. I still remember having a "homebrewed" server for GTA Vice City some we can race and do stunts with bikes.
  2. any idea if and when GTA IV will be out for PC?
  3. I'm glad this review didn't claim the game was nearly perfect as almost every other reviewer has. I had many the same problems you had with the game and I have been dumbfounded with the amount of people that have claimed the story arc is one of the greatest ever. I completely agree it is a great game, it was just nice to see someone point out some of the obvious flaws in the game for once. There is still plenty of room for improvement.
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