First Look: Gears of War 2

Article by Rob Wright

At Microsoft's Xbox 360 spring showcase event, Tom's Games got a look at the upcoming blockbuster sequel Gears of War 2, which Epic's Cliff Blezinski promises will be "bigger, better and more badass."
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  1. i would hope so i hated the first one, far far far to linear.
  2. I loved the first one except for the fact that the enemies were nigh indestructible. Since when could anyone, even a underground dwelling alien monster thing receive full clips to the face without even flinching?
  3. I'm looking forward to this one, there seems to be a few sequels coming out this year, I hope that it will measure up the first one set the bar pretty high (not perfect but still very good)
  4. I like the original Gears quite a bit -- not as much as everyone else, of course. But if I had to go back and review it now, I'd probably give it an 8.5. The campaign was too short, but the co-op and multiplayer was sick. And I love hard games with a cover system that shun the run-and-gun approach of most shooter. Great cover system mechanics. And Gears 2 looked pretty impressive -- I'm glad Epic added the meat shield option.
  5. I hope they fix the online glitching and add much better online feature. I would have to say this game remind me of the golden eye days. But the inability to being able to select the map of your choice in a game search. lacking ability to check out your ping to the host. not being able to boot disruptive player. and the online glitching is also something i hated about the game. i wish epic does a better effort in fixing the glitch considering there able to update via xbox live
  6. Hopefully they remove host advantage.
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