Grid Demo is amazing..., anyone else like?

you can really tell its roots in Codemasters Colin McCrae DiRT. It is a little less graphics demanding and even better looking in my opinion. Or they may have just had time to optimize the game engine. The illusion of speed on the replays is amazing. I'm running it 1920x1080 everything max. Only gripes are it doesn't keep my custom controller settings, DiRT loses them often as well. Also, don't like you have to complete a race to replay. I would like to have the option to completely replay my wreck outs along with the redo, retire or go back so far option.
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  1. I really like it also. Physics are great , graphics are great , performance is great , handling is great. Especially when all assists are off , it's so fun to race. Multiplayer is also fun , but people really need to learn how to brake...
    Overall I really like the game , because it also has out of the box x360 controller support.
    Of course , there's some bugs here and there , some things to improve. But again , this is just demo.
    The full game is only 12 days away... :P
  2. havent played the demo but ive got DiRT and really liked it, so i'll definetly get the full game. The Grid videos ive seen like awesome, just hope it doesnt have all this 'must be connected to the internet while playing' stuff that DiRT did. Has Grid got te same cheesy voice-over guy from DiRT?

    "noone likes a quitter" when you quit a race lol, just that one line always made me laugh.
  3. It think the game looks great and like some of you said, they really pulled it off at optimising the engine. The graphics vs performance is surprisingly good. I don't like console ports but there is one benefit into all of get good performance regardless. Look at GRID, COD4, or any other console port. They never have performance issues because they have have been optimised for this generation of console. Is this a good thing? Well, it certainly is for GRID...the game looks amazing.

    Is it just me or are the controls a little stiff? I understand that it isn't a simulator but the controls are stiffer than Dirt ever was.
  4. GRID Will rock the cradle! All i can say! I've had some fun playin the demo and I"m grabbing myself a copy once it comes out!
  5. I haven't played any racing games for years. Too much 'pimp my ride' and tweaking and a million options to set before you can race. But this has got me back into racing.

    It reminds me of the original Toca from 10 years ago (first game I ever bought and my favourite racing game). Realistic but still fun and exciting close races.

    Its a but buggy on PC. It crashes a lot and the server browser needs to be better (no ping or server name info). I know its co-developed for console and needs to be dumbed down but I need to be able to choose between a server in the UK and one in Australia. Also why make us wait for everyone to press 'ready'? Hopefully this is just because its a demo.
  6. I really enjoyed the demo as well. The out of box Xbox 360 controller is great.


  7. 3Ball said:
    I really enjoyed the demo as well. The out of box Xbox 360 controller is great.



    I want to know more about this game. Sounds like very interesting to play. I love PC games a lot because I don't need to go out just to have fun. Hopefully you would give some techniques too in order to win. Anyhow stay cool.=)
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