OS on C drive, Programs on D drive, and Data on E?

A client wants the OS, Win XP Pro, put on the C drive, all of his apps put on the D drive, and his data on the E drive. His former computer guy set his old system up like that, and he thinks that is how it is going to run optimally.

With respect to the data being on a different drive, I agree. That should definitely be done.

However, putting the programs on a drive other than C is not a good idea in my opinion. First of all, when the program is running, it is going to have to pull files from both the C drive and the D drive, which I would assume may affect performance.

But the bigger concern is that if he were to get a virus (which is highly unlikely, but I just like to cover all of my bases) and he were unable to access the C drive and had to reformat it, he would not be able to uninstall his programs, because all of the programs' system files would be wiped out. It would just screw everything up.

That's my assessment of that kind of setup.

What do you guys think?
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  1. It would seem that uninstalling at that point would be a simple matter of right click/delete the program directories on the D drive. But perhaps reinstalling them will "refresh" the D drive programs and reinstall what it needs to on the C.

    I've heard that apps other than the OS should be in a seperate partition/drive and have often wondered what happens to those apps that integrate deeply with the OS when the OS is replaced or restored to an earlier date.

    Personally, if it is that big a deal to him, maybe you can introduce him to the benefits of imaging C to D instead. Seems like it might be a better use of the disk.

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  2. Actually, I didn't give you all of the details. The system has two hard drives, one being a clone of the other. I have also decided to make an image backup of the C drive, in case something were to happen to it.

    Even though I know there will be no performance difference, or at least not a noticeable one, by having the programs on a separate partition, I will set it up that way as that is how he likes it, and I am all about giving the client what they want.

    I just am a little concerned about some programs that integrate deep into the OS, and how those programs would be affected if the C drive were restored at a later date. Of course I don't foresee the systems getting a virus, as I set them up very securely, but as they say, never say never, which is why I like to have my bases covered.
  3. all you do after you done with the setup is take a picture of BOTH drives and put those images on the data partition. if anything fishy gouz down, restore both partitions "the way they were meant to be" again.

    PS: apps that are "diplee" integrated with C drive are almost ALL (except some games), so you WILL have most of the run libreries in "system32" folder anyway, no matter where you put .exe files of an actual application. and I don't think you will "see" the difference betwin HD making a full stroke from C to E, or make two smaller strokes from C to D to E. so, if the client persists, why you bother asking their authority ;)

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