Best Racing Game for PC?

Hello, I'm going to buy a racing wheel soon, and I was wondering which racing game should I get? Which one is the best? Be specific please.
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  1. Don't get any racing games, just use the wheel when you're playing regular games. Be sure to show your friends how awesome you are at moving in games like Counter-Strike.
  2. Depends on what type of racing you speak of....Nascar, F1, Rally......?????
  3. Grid comes out soon, looks good :D

    Very VERY slighlt hints at GT5 on pc....

    There are also some very nice sims i have heard about but havnt tried yet (and cant remember their names).

    I want a G25 wheel to race on sims but its too expensive and i dont have the time for sims atm.
  4. I have a Logitech G25 and it is amazing. At first i did think it was too expensive and thought how much of a difference could it make??? but... it makes a hell of a difference! So much better and i'm now glad i spent the stupidly obscene amount of money it costs :)

    I play GTR1 & 2, Live for Speed and Richard Burns Rally. All 3 are GREAT games, if maybe i prefer Live For Speed just a litte bit more (seems a little bit more realistic), if it wasnt for that damn crap AI it would be perfect-ish! :)
    Multiplayer is good fun though :)

    Grid does look good but like they always say never judge a game by its previews. I did that with Colin McRae Dirt and how bitterly dissapointed i was.. turned out to be a really crap game! lol
  5. I'd be surprised to see GT5 on the PC anytime soon - or indeed at all. Sony need a big exclusive title to bolster the flagging sales of the PS3.

    In terms of racing games for the PC, Test Drive:Unlimited is good for a laugh and you can even just go for a quiet drive if you don't fancy racing (i.e. are too drunk). If you want more of a simulation, have a look at Race. It has a short demo so you can try it out before you buy.
  6. vinuel said:
    Hello, I'm going to buy a racing wheel soon, and I was wondering which racing game should I get? Which one is the best? Be specific please.

    Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed, ofc. BC graphics ofc but try to do the factory driver and the career with a Steering Wheel.
    Man, i still play that old thing. For me, after that, every car game was worst in terms of maneuverability and phisics of the car it self.

    Or try any of the GTA series with a heavy dose of moonshine.
  7. Check out Trackmania. It's free so it doesn't matter even if you hate it!

    I found it refreshing to play a racing game that revolves so heavily around jumps and stunts!
  8. I have trackmania, it's pretty good if different. Project torque is another free one.
    Dirt was ok but got boreing quick.
  9. Yeah trackmania is pretty good if arcadey in handling, grid is good (pc zone reviewed it and said it was the best pure racer they'd played) and also gt legends is supposed to be the daddy for classic cars.
  10. I only use a normal gamepad for racing games but since im a fan of trucking i like to use the wheel for the 18 wheels of steel series or some other type of simulation .
  11. Hey trackmania is awesome, i like it very much. If you are thinking of buying any racing wheel, then you should go for trackmania.
  12. Well i will say that these games are good but not as much as compared to need for speed most wanted and under cover or u can choose any from the latest i.e need for speed underground 1 need for speed under ground 2 need for speed carbon need for speed most wanted and under cover
  13. GRID is awesome and Trackmania Nations is Free and awesome!
  14. If ur new in Racing world, then i recommanded u to get Need for Speed Most Wanted :)
  15. personally i have a seat out of a corolla and a steering weel and pedals all bolted up to a wooden frame and i mainly play lfs2 its the most real feeling game i have played, and setting are endless good for drifting.
  16. Honestly I can't believe Toca racer 3 hasn't been mentioned...

    Grid is absolute crap if you play toca 3... toca 3's physics are just awesome....

    I just bought a G27 to play this game even more!
  17. I gotta say that GTR Evolution and Dirt 2 are two of the best games i have played with a racing wheel,iam using a G25,Grid is not really that playable with a wheel,its more arcade than some other game and is really only good with a pad imo. I just hope that Codemasters up and coming F1 game will be just as good as Gtr and Dirt 2.
  18. I feel F1 2010 gonna be one the best racing games ever!
  19. I hope your right,iam abig F1 fan and a big fan of good racing games like the one above,none of that nos based racing crap lol.
  20. I recently played Dirt2 and NFS shift ,both of them are awesome but shift has some performance issues with ATI...
  21. Live for speed. pure simulator. nothing else.or Iracing but thats huge bucks to play. i personally avoid NFS and Grid because to me arcade is crap. give me a simulator to play online with other people. rfactor is crap because thats focused on mods and singleplayer = boring. and Iracing two greatest racing games ever made.
  22. NEED FOR SPEED MOSTWANTED is the best :D
  23. Logitech G27 & Need For Speed Shift
  24. I use a Thrustmaster F430. I tried many driver games and demos. The best by far was NFS Shift after the patch was installed. It's the game I will compare others to. A ton of race tracks, at least one is 13 miles long and you can get up to 190+mph with several cars. One problem with the game I found was in one race where you use the vet. It would not leave the starting line.... so what. Other races with the vet it does. Maybe a second patch will fix it if they haven't already. Game is great. Graphics are great. Grid has over sensitive controls and you can't set them up the way you want. Have no idea what they were thinking when they made that game. Other games can't compete.
  25. Alas, I may be late. I would suggest GTR2, Richard Burns Rally and Rfactor. GTR2 and Richard Burns Rally both have driving lessons and Rfactor has simply the greatest amount of moods in the world. Other games which are my favourite on the PC, would be GT Legends, GP Legends, Nascar Racing 2003 Season, F1 Championship 99-02 and GP2/3/4. GT Legends, GP Legends, Richard Burns Rally and GP3 are incredibly cheap games but GTR2 and Rfactor are must haves for the amount of quality put into the game. I will be waiting for rFactor 2 to come out as well! You don't need an expensive wheel for it to be good. I have a £25 racing wheel which does the job fantastically. I also drive Caterhams and find the wheel just as good as real life! As I've said, I may be a lot late but I hope I have helped! :hello:
  26. Seriously?

    The best 'Racing' game to date, IMHO, is Live For Speed.
    I've been an S2 Racer for over 3 years and i still play it religously!

    Logitech G25 + Live For Speed + the LFS Tweak = HOURS of FUN!

  27. Logitech G27 + Race Driver: GRID - if you tend to like sim more.
    Logitech G27 + NFS: Undercover - if you tend to like arcade more.

    Undercover is totally arcade racing. You get to drive through the city and engage in police chases. GRID, while more simulation than arcade, is very well done and can be a lot of fun. Before I played GRID, I would have chosen NFS: Shift in that spot. GRID, though, has better everything in my opinion. Stellar graphics, sounds, physics, force feedback, and damage that actually messes up your car (making it drive all crazy with your steering wheel).

    I've done articles on my site for all 3 of those titles. Check out the table of contents at to compare their G27 features. I also cover NFS Pro Street, Burnout Paradise, and the ole' Test Drive Unlimited.

    Glad this thread is still going after 2 years!
  28. I like Dirt 2 (Free with VGA is the main reason.....)

    And the races in GTA IV are funsies.
  29. SolidlyStated said:
    Glad this thread is still going after 2 years!

    Only because people like you keep dragging it up from the graveyard!
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