A7N8X crappy performance

I cant get this thing to work right.. I have a Tbred 1800 and 2x corsair PC3500. if I take out one of the sticks of ram I get only like 10 meg per sec slower in sandra, so dont know how well the dual memory controllers work. anyways, I had a Palamo 1700 in here and had it running at 175fsb great and was getting like 11K in 3d mark with a Ti4200. now after putting the Tbred in and setting the fsb to 190 it screwed up windows and I had to reload it. since then I can only get like 9000 in 3dmark.. I can only reliable get it to work at 1750mhz with fsb of 185. if I set it any higher things start to get weird. the cpu should be able to go higher, but over 1800 it craps out a lot and freezes.
my MAIN annoyance is that in RalliSport Challenge the game gets choppy when you round a corner and it has to load more graphics. if I turn the detail way down it gets faster, so it something to do with graphics. I have tweaked the AGP crap to death, loaded the latest nforce2 drivers and Detonator drivers. I am running the E bios version. ANY help would be greatly appreciated as Im about to chuck this thing out the window, I have wasted so much time and money on this POS
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  1. does anyone know of any good boards that actually answer hardware questions? thanks
  2. nope. (hehe)

    Anyway, I'm confused. You've got an 1800+? If so, running it at 1800Mhz with a 190FSB speed is WAY overclocked. I wouldn't expect it to even post.

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  3. I just got mine and it has the G bios. I don't see it
    on the Asus website though.

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  4. well I'd check your BIOS settings. With my board when I ran the memory speed higher, it actually ran a little slower also. I'd check the ram timings, I noticed that when I set my FSB higher, it tuned down my memory timings a little as well. I'd make sure that the memory timings are aggressive, and play with those to make sure they're set to the best they can be.

    XP wouldn't even boot for me either when I first installed the Nforce board. So it was a fresh installation. I haven't played too much with it, but as I do, I'll learn what the board is capable of and what it isn't.

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  5. Wow... 190 fsb AND 1800 MHz? Seems like that's asking a lot from it ;) How did it bench at lower clock/fsb settings?
    I would agree that checking your ram settings would probably be the #1 culprit. You may have to lower the fsb to keep ram timings aggressive (or is the bios able to OC just the fsb alone, w/o agp, pci, etc?). Most importantly, for performance, keeping CL at 2 (I'm sure your pc3500 can handle it) instead of 2.5 or higher.
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