Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PC Review

Review by Ryan Lord.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 brings back the squad-based first-person shooter gameplay and revisits the calamity in Sin City. But does the sequel top the original Rainbow Six Vegas?

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  1. While you review the PC version you should take a look at the patching policy of UBIsoft.
    Comparing Vegas 2 with tactical games like Operation Flashpoint or Armed assault is not possible. Vegas 2 is mindless action game. Nothing wrong with that though, just that comparing it with its predecessors (not Vegas or Lockdown) is a mockery.
    I agree with the score though. I'd given it a 5 but just because of all the bugs and because of it being more of an addon re-using Lockdown/Raven Shield maps based on Vegas 1.
  2. This article brought back bad feelings. One of the reasons that I hate the xbox is that so many good PC franchises were dumbed down and ruined so they could be marketed to morons.

    I used to love rainbow six and it angers me that they sold out and took away what made the series unique (planning and realism) and reduced it to a typical FPS. The stupid publishers bitch about piracy on PC but what are they doing to PC gaming. All we get now is bad ports of boring xbox games. I'm sick of loading up these new "games for windows" and it signs you in to something pointless and makes you press "ready" every two seconds and tries to make you use an xbox controller.

    The xbox is ruining PC gaming and I'm sick of it. I hate all the cookie cutter games that are spat out for it solely to make money and PC just gets the leftovers. I bought all the rainbow six games and expansions packs at full price (probably spent nearly £200 on the old rainbow six) and Ubisoft turned their back on me and all the other fans. If they want good sales on PC then they need to develop proper games for it. If they have to degrade the rainbow six name for money on xbox then they should develop separate games for it.

    I can only hope that someday a proper sequel to Raven Shield will be made.
  3. LkS said:

    I can only hope that someday a proper sequel to Raven Shield will be made.

    Probably, but not under the Tom Clancy brand and not by Ubisoft.
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