A7N8X or A7V8X why or why not?

i have no input on either because i don't know much on both, but according to the asus site, A7V8X had more awards which could mean nothing at all to you. i did see the earlier thread that is about 8 pages long..didn't want to read it all and i'm deciding on which one to get, but don't know which. Need Help Please. Thanks.
oh also, is there much more danger in buying overclocked Ram than "under"clocked ram?
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  1. I run a7v8x. Now what I'm going to tell you isn't the opinion you'll get here!!! a7n8x deluxe ocz RAM is all the rage. That & the Radon 9700. You can do a search on both the a7v8x & the a7n8x & guess what, you don't see anything on the a7v8x. That's because it's fast & rock stable. I've built both boards. Had them running side by side on the bench. The a7v8x boots faster, is easier to set up, & unless you running dual RAM it's faster. Even with the dual RAM setup the a7n8x gets no more than 2 to 5% in Tom's own bench marks. The average user will never see the difference running it. Yea the a7n8x is supposed to have more future upgradability, that remains to be seen. I see a chip set that needs to mature some more just by reading a weeks posts on this forum. Waiting on BIOS updates to make it work, incompatibilities with the Radon card, on & on. I sold the a7n8x & kept the a7v8x for myself. It's a whale of a board & I don't mind at all that it's got VIA chip sets. Put in 1 stick of cs 2.0 RAM & a TI4600, boot her up & go. It's that simple. Not to flame, but there are other choices available out there & VIA is at the top of the list right now, especially the KT400 chip set. My $.02


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  2. I don't belive all the hype about the via chipset's but I still bought the a7N8x because the features in the deluxe model were attractive. I had no trouble booting up with a fresh installation of win xp pro and all my apps are running great. I have seen all the posts on the official thread but nothing for the via chipset. There will always be problems with new boards so the most important thing is how much support is available.

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  3. Yes all the hype is about the A7n8X , but in reading posts there appear to be issues to be worked out , I'm using A7V8X , no problems at all , it may not be Via's fastest chipset ,but , Rock solid , I say A7V8X , great features , stable , relible. alot of other folks who say that A7N8x haven't tried both side by side , I have , you can only tellthe performance gains in benchmarks. not in ANY real world applications . between the 2 my minority vote is A7V8X
  4. Get ASUS A7N8X. It's far better than A7V8X.

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  5. A7N8X has more attractive features than A7V8X. One of them is the SoundStorm and DDR400 supported. Though most of you should be fine working with DDR333. But all of these features cost you about AUD$100-120 more (~USD$40-50), worth the money or not is the matter you want to think about. However, on benchmark nForce2 beats KT400 in every aspects, and people likes better products, isn't it?

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  6. Well i just installed the new a7n8x board its a night mare. When i go to install somehting or download anything it just fn reboots for no reason. installed fresh copy if win ME 3 times. i dont know what to do. I am only using 1 ddr module at 333 maybe the board is picky on this dual ddr thing mani need help
  7. Maybe win ME is the problem. Never used it, but I hear it really stinks!
  8. You're joking about acutally still using Windows ME right?

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  9. ROFL hahah that was f*cking Hilarious!

    WINDOWS XP man, get real!

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  10. Sorry about my first somewhat sarcastic reply. As you can probably tell, you really need to get your hands on Windows XP. That will solve your problems. Windows ME was always a piece of crap and crashes on even the most stable hardware. WHEN you get XP, make sure to install the service pack BEFORE installing the official Nforce2 drivers.

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  11. Asus Nforce2 Deluxe here running Athlon XP1800 on a 166fsb
    with OCZ PC2700 DDR. And it runs great I had no issues setuping it up or installing windows and it runs very stable. Performance is also top notch and still better than most Via boards i've seen.

    I've seen people with issues and seen other without and I think it more or less user error.
    And a certain revision of corsair memory that doesn't run well with this board.

    For an experienced PC builder this board is a dream and still the best Athlon Motherboard on the market.
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  12. using 1 333 mem going ro run dual 333's only becuase i had 1 but system is stable unless i try to play any newer game like americas army or ghost recon it either locks up or reboots. Is a antec 300 watt power supply enough to ru nthis board even though im only using a geforce4 mx card?
  13. I have an A7N8x, XP2400 overclocked to 2220 mhz (185x12). I just finished running Prime95 for 24 hours and had no crashes. I am using generic pc2100 memory because my XMS2700 from corsair was giving alot of problems
  14. ok seems like mem might be a pron ui used auto setting by the bois what should i do to maybe slow it down a tad?
  15. nope i turned don the 33mhz to 266 and it locked up fast wft is going on. what would cuase the bois to reboot when it wants to?
  16. maybe my power supply cant handle this a7n8x board its an antec 300 watt but maybe i need larger with usb 2.0 any ideas?
  17. I setup a A7N8X system and was really easy. Once you have it up and running just install the chipset drivers off the CD, install any other stuff that you might want like a modem, and then install the video. You're done. The onboard components are fine if not better than what most people have, which helps limit the amount of cards you have to stick in the box.

    That's of course assuming you're running WinXP. I pity the fool who's running WinME.

    Now, I compare that to running an old A7V system with Win98 in which installing drivers was a marathon.

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  18. I have the board running on a generic 300W with no problems. I've got a 2100+, WD400JB, 256MB PC2700, a Radeon 9500 Pro, a modem, one hard drive, a dvd drive, a cd-rw, and a floppy in there.

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  19. that is on a Palomino Xp1800+. I had it running 200fsb and could get into windows and run Sisoft memory menchmarks. But running 3dmark would exit to desktop. I think my PC2700memory was the limiting factor even though I gave it 2.8v and lowered the ram timings to 2-3-3-6. great memory score for an Xp1800+ though like 2954/2554 in sisoft2003.

    Memory scores @ 166/166 are 2454/2254
  20. Stepping on my Athlon Xp 1800+ is AGOIA
  21. Both boards are really good. The A7V8X mobo has more awards because it has been out for a while. The A7N8x just got released. I personally think the A7N8X is a better motherboard because it has the cooler features (dolby digital sound, dual lan, dual ddr...) but the A7V8X is a really good value too. Check this site out they have good prices on both motherboards. www.ajump.com

  22. I believe that the A7V8X is only 3 weeks older that the A7N8X. With what's been going on as you browse the forum I think the A7V8X is a real bargain. You don't see the horror stories with the A7V8X at all. I've built both of them, but kept my A7V8X for myself. The dual RAM isn't all that perfected with the Nforce yet. But I'll tell you VIA has a solid performer with the KT400 chip set & to everybody's disbelief, ITS TOTALLY STABLE!!!! Enough said.

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