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I run win2k and i'm getting this error that states that I have either no virtual memory or too little memory right at bootup after the login screen, when I say okay to the message it kicks me back to the logon, so I am not able to get into the computer to change my virutal memory settings. I run win2k with ntfs. I've tried everything from booting up to safe mode which gives me the same message, to using the repair console, to booting up with a diffferent install of win2k on a different hard drive and deleting the pagefile.sys, but nothing i do can fix it. I'm trying to figure out a way to edit the registry setting for my pagefile.sys while not booted up under the screwed up harddrive. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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  1. Thats odd, I had a striped disk set that crashed and i had my swap file on it, I booted with no swap file at all, it went slow but i got in and could move the swap file.

    I had 384 megs of ram and it took about twice as long to boot.
  2. You can find your answer at the following website. Do a search as I know its there because a coworker had a very similar problem and found the answer there. It has something to do with deleting the guest account or something like that.

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