Looking for input on this system/where do you buy your rigs?

I am looking to buy a new gaming rig, my current system is 6 years old, I cannot play most current games anymore.

I could proboably build my own system but for the cost of $100 or $200, I would rather just buy a prebuilt one.

I do not need a top of the end machine, but I want a good one I will not need to do any real upgrades for for at least 3 years.

Input on these systems would be appreciated:


If anyone is aware of any good deals on gaming pcs or suggested retailers, that is also appreciated.
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  1. Decent rig. Not quite what I would go for, but it'll do the job.

    Though by posting this here you do realize that about half if not more of the posts will be telling you to build your own.

    Seriously, it's worth it. Yeah you get quicker gratification with a prebuilt, but when you build your own system, research each part, put thought and consideration into how it will all work together, and actually create it.... well that give a much better feeling and a knowledge of your rig that you just never truly get with a prebuilt. Also much less chance of buyers remorse.

    If none of that matters to you and all you really want is a gaming console that you put on your desk.... well, I guess you could go with what you have there.
  2. I have built my own systems before and it has always been such a phenominal pain in the ass that I would rather not do it again. I have upgraded and done my own maintance on my machines for 13 years.

    I have not owned a console since the original NES, I am not a console gamer.
  3. most of my builds have rarely been a pain. how long has it been since you built?
  4. Looks like a nice machine. Possible instant upgrades would be mouse and PSU, but obviously depends on what you get!
  5. I hate to tell people to build their own when they don't want/ don't know how to, but buying that system you'll most likely go through all the same pains as building your own. The parts are all fine but the price you'll pay for pre-assembly is not worth the job they'll do nor can you rely on Tiger Direct for support.
  6. i would also say build your own ive been building for the last 10years now and never had an unsatisfactory build.
  7. I understand his point of view, the peace of mind from a guarantee is almost worth the extra money sometimes. Dunno why they never come bundled with a monitor though. The only issue there is that the power supply make is unlisted and the motherboard has the best chip that it can take in already. Which is fine if you are willing to spend on a new build later down the line but if not then either an intel based system or possibly an am2+ system would offer more options to upgrade.
    Personally I feel intel are on the verge of an amd style 939 to am2 platform switch so not too sure how much more life there is in the 775 socket whereas youv'e definitely got another year or 2 with am2+.
  8. Quote:
    I understand his point of view, the peace of mind from a guarantee is almost worth the extra money sometimes.

    That's taking a pretty big leap of faith that an IBuyPower PC from Tigerdirect won't give you any headaches.
  9. That system you posted seems a bit expensive for what it is.

    I built my last system but since then prices have come down for custome made ones and you can order one custom and they only charge 50 euro for mounting it and you get a guarantee.

    If you've never built your own system it's a great learning experience and extremely useful if you want to upgrade it one day.
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