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yesterday i bought a 360 pro and a copy of GTA IV. i've played a little on the TV in my living room, but i'm planning on running the system off of my monitor, which supports DVI input. i run the 360 signal into my monitor via a HDMI/DVI cable, but this leaves me with no sound while i play. is there any way i can use my headphones here, or do i have to go get speakers or something? i'd really appreciate any advice, as i'm a bit of an A/V newbie.
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  1. I know that there is a HDMI splitter for the 360 that will separate out the sound from the HDMI. You can use that and then I think you can use an adapter to plug headphones into it.
  2. after the split, can i still use my HDMI/DVI cable? also, do you have a link to the splitter or adapter?
  3. ok, i've found a splitter i think will work, but i can't locate a female HDMI to female 3.5mm adapter that would let me use my headphones. does anyone know if these even exist? if so, where can i find one?
  4. Why would you need something like that? If you used the splitter you can just get an RCA to mini adapter.

    There is no such thing as an HDMI to mini phono adapter. HDMI transmits digitally and mini phono uses analog. You would need something that could process the digital signal and recreate an audio one.
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