Problem downloading zip files.


I'm having trouble downloading any zip file from the internet. When I click on a download link it automatically downloads it to a temporary file, it doesn't even give me the option to open or save it. I've made no changes that i'm aware of, it just started all of the sudden.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. right click, save target to, select directory, name the file anything you come up with and give it .zap extantion (you might use .paz as well;) change the extantion to .zip afterwards.

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  2. Or... you could do it the more permanent way.

    First off, open Internet Explorer, click Tools / Internet Options / the Advanced tab. Go down to 'Notify when downloads are complete' and make sure it's checked.

    Or, if it's ONLY .zip files that are doing this and not ALL downloads, then you'll either need to install WinZIP (or some other zip handler) and let it take an association with zip files or (worst choice, I think) you'll need to open Windows Explorer and use the Tools / Folder Options / File Types to edit the zip file association manually to point to Explorer or something that can handle the zip format files.

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