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My internet connection sucks really bad and i can hardly connect to the server when playing online such as FFOW Crysis and CoD4 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. When i try to connect to the server it says connecting for 10 seconds then says it failed. I'm going to get a better connection but is 10mbps enough or would i need 30mbps? I am getting bored of playing crysis and CoD4 single player over and over again. Vegas 2 and FFOW sucks
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  1. 10mbs is ok I use that connection have not been any issues as you mention
  2. No 10mbps is not wat i;m using right now its wat i might upgrade to. I live in Hong Kong will this affect anything
  3. Check your ping times
  4. i can't even connect to the game so i can't see ping times
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