How fast a CPU can I upgrade to?

OK, this is my first post here so bear with me. I want to put a faster CPU in my Gateway Performance 700 Mhz. Mobo info i've gathered is:Intel (Tabor 3) BX mobo R3. p/n 4000532 (i think this is GW p/n) WS440BX version AA744110205. s/n ISWS94307805. I've asked GW but they all contradict each other. (if I can only go up to 850Mhz that won't be worth it)
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  1. Yo D,

    Trust me, it won't be worth it. Get a whole new system. This is just my take without knowing what you are going to use this system for. My thinking is......for a little you can get the right cpu that you want......for a little more you can get the right mobo with modern features.........for a little more you can get higher bandwidth Ram..........& while you are at that you might as well get a new large/faster HDD..............oh wow!, you might as well keep that old system intact & sell it/ give it away & start with a clean slate & build it from the ground up yourself this time.

    Just my take on your cpu upgrade. If it was a AMD socket A system, you would have a little more upgrading options, but I would still most likely say, keep it & get a whole new system...............unless you could explain to me how saying a few seconds on a app is that important to you.

    Peace Out.....................tile

    I wish my imaginary friends could give me better advice
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