Memory problems

Equipment: x58-pro-e MOBO, I7-920 cpu, 6 gig ddr 3 memory, gtx470 graphic card. WIN 7 64 bit version, memory 1600OC, set FSB to 1333.

I have some problems on this build.

My windows 7 64 bit version only shows 4 gig but I have 6 gig installed.

When I check in my bios it indicates 6 gig, all my slots are displayed, but it stays at 4 gig.

My graphic cards shows a large amount of 3 gig memory, have to be 1280.

I read about shared video memory but why does it takes almost 1720 mb from my memory?.

I also get a message about win7 basic is running slower because something about colors what does this mean?

Should I do something with shared memory?

Conducted a check with the tool CPU Z for memory module here is screen shot :

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi.

    Run msconfig, boot tab, advance option and the option "max memory" should not be selected.
  2. also checkbios for physical address extension PAE as an option, and turn it on. Shouldn't be an issue but might be.
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