Cheap but good 60fps S-Video capture card to run PS2 to PC?

Anyone know a cheap but good 60fps s-video capture card that I can use to run my PS2 into PC so that I can play the PS2 on my PC monitor?

I have the S-Video output cable for the PS2, I want to play on my computer monitor and a capture card seems better than buying a S-Video to DVI converter box.

I saw some on newegg, but they only operate at 30fps. The PS2's native frame rate is 60fps, so I need a capture card that operates at or above that rate.

I'm a bit confused as to what resolution my PS2 displays at, supposedly it is variable and I don't know how to check what mine is currently displaying, or how to turn it up if possible.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks
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  1. You should just hook it up directly to your motherboard. Elmer's Glue + PS2 tv cable directly on the processor. I run mine at 120+ FPS with vsync off.
  2. While i'm at it, maybe i can increase my hard drive by hitting it with a golf club.

    Seriously, does anyone know if they make capture cards under say $50 that can operate @ 60fps?
  3. Owned imo.
  4. I tried hooking my PS2 up to my capture card before. The result was terribly low resolution, plus bad ghosting and image quality. This was using S-Video. If you use a CRT monitor it might be OK depending on what capture card you use. I wouldn't bother on an LCD as the lower resolution looks terrible.
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