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Am I the only one playing Mass Effect on my PC? I'm having a problem with text visibility. Some characters are deformed and unreadable. Anybody else?
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  1. I've got it but I haven't played into it. I just started it up to make sure it worked. I'll try to get into it this weekend and let you know.
  2. I actually just started it also but the text is so messed up I couldn't help noticing right from the first screen. At first I thought it was just "stylized" characters but it's not. I rely pretty heavily on subtitles because my hearing isn't great. I hope yours is better.
  3. Might be a driver issue. Try updating your graphics drivers.
  4. The plot thickens. Upon restarting last night the text is now OK but now the game freezes every few minutes. It started during the opening cut scene and has continued into the gameplay. I'm going to send my DX diagnostic log to tech support and see what they have to say.
  5. What are ure specs and what are you running the game at?
  6. Sorry tallguy, I don't understand the question?
  7. He is asking for a list of your hardware (graphics card, cpu, memory, mobo, etc) and the resolution/settings you are running the game at.
  8. Yeaaaaaaaaah.

    Get some temp readings while you're playing too :)
  9. Well, I updated my video driver and dialed back my audio acceleration a little and the game ran without crashing for about an hour yesterday. Unfortunately, I don't think I like the game enough to even open it again.
  10. Systems specs and settings?
  11. Well, you've already got the DRM, so I will ask. Were you more interested in it as an FPS or as an RPG?

    If you got it for the FPS, see if you can return it and pitch a fit about the DRM to see if that will get them to give you a refund.

    If you got it for the RPG, then give it a fair shake. Once you finish up your first visit to Citadel Station it really picks up and you get the freedom to come and go as you wish. As RPGs go it is really good. Not as good as KOTOR, but nothing really is.
  12. I got it as an FPS but I don't care about the money part of it. I've been looking forward to some good action. Actually, the DRM has been transparrent on my machine. I was expecting much worse.
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