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I am going to buy a mouse and keyboard for gaming. I plan to spend $51-64USD in total. I am in HOng KOng so prices should be cheaper. I need advice on wat to get, it needs to be from logitech or microsoft.
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  1. anyone?
  2. I think i should get the logitech g5 since the g7 is too expensive but wat about the keyboard?
  3. G15

    Either that or just a cheap no name keyboard.

    Its not like your keyboard is going to significantly change your game. I suppose you could go for a Z-Board or an oled keyboard, but why?

    The Logitech G15 is a very nice keyboard with some nifty features, but I wouldn't say that it has improved my game or response or anything. Its just a high quality pretty keyboard with nifty bells and whistles.
  4. The G15 is way too expensive i need a logitech or microsoft keyborad thats around $10-20. I also found the razer copperhead mouse, its the same price as the logitech g5 which is better?. Is 2000 dpi really nessecary? Or should i get one of the cheaper razer ones that are with 1600 or 1800dpi.
  5. Brand name on keyboards means little to nothing, just get a cheap keyboard and you will be fine.

    As for the G5 and the copperhead... I would say it comes down to this.

    The G5 is an awesome mouse, but it's middle click is very stiff. It can be somewhat annoying sometimes since you have to press it so hard you sometimes accidentally scroll as well. Other than that it is a great mouse.

    The copperhead has side buttons in locations where I accidentally press them frequently. This causes the cursor to speed up to the point where it is difficult to use until I click the back button on the side. This is probably equally annoying to the stiff scrollwheel button.

    Depending on which of those annoyances annoys you more, pick the other one.

    They are both great mouses, and it really is nit picking between them.
  6. I'll chose the mouse that is cheaper in the store and i'll get a cheap usb keyboard since i don't like the ps/2 ones
  7. Well iv got the Razor Death Adder and i think its awsome sure its quite expensive (well i live in South Arfica so it is expensive here i dont know hw expensive it is in the states) but i think its definitly worth the price.
    P.S iv got a logitech g15 keyboard thats awsome to
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