PS3 to LCD Monitor Problem, plz help, thnx!

Hey guys, new here. I picked up a DVI to HDMI cable today to connect my PS3 to my monitor (LG L196WTQ, though I do not know if it is an sf, bf, or wf)
but no image is showing. An "Out of Range signal with 67.3 kHz/ 60kHz" signal appears and the screen remains black. After further looking into this I found out that some LCD monitors aren't able to support non-PC devices through their HDMI port (ie: PS3). Though, I also found that people with the same monitor as me are using their PS3 without problem. Does anyone know why this isn't working? Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
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  1. try different resolutions (1080i, 720p). Is your LCD screen widescreen? does it support HDCP?
  2. infornography42 said:
    try different resolutions (1080i, 720p). Is your LCD screen widescreen? does it support HDCP?

    Yes, my monitor is the L196WTQ- BF (which others I've heard were able to use with the PS3 without any problems), it has a dvi-d port as well as it supports HDCP, I've tried it on different resolutions, but it still gave me the same 'out of range' message when I switched the channel while having the PS3 turned on, and my PS3's visual setting is always at HDMI because I have an HDmi cable for gaming on the HD tv.
  3. OH you might have to look at the refresh rate I think! Something like that. My friend had a similar problem. I'll look into it more! Update soon.
  4. have you figured the problem out yet? i bought a ps3 today, thinking that i would be able to run it on my Lg Monitor (L196WTQ im not sure what the next letters detail, but i dont know them) im having the same problems as you.
  5. In very short.
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