Asus A7V333 prob - switch off after approx 2 secs


Just bought a A7v333 and im facing a strange problem.

The following components are in place

- a7v333
- 2200xp athlon
-512 ddr 2700
- Radeon 9700 128 ddr pro

Everything is connected up properly, and all connections have been checked. I have tested the set up with minimum components connected, yet the problem is the same.

I switch the PC on, and after approx 2 seconds everything powers down. The system doesn't have sufficient time even to reach the bios stage therefore i get no beebs, or warnings. I know power is still getting to the mobo as the led is still on, as is the led on the pc case. No matter how often I try this the results are the same.

My PSU is 300 watts, and there seems to be no issues with it whatsoever. I cant see it being a shorting issue as power still is going to the mobo so there is still a circuit alive. I have a very large heatsink on the CPU, and I have applied thermal glue between the cpu and heatsink/fan.

Anyhelp would be appreciated. Please note, I have reset the cmos already, and all jumpers are set as automatic via the bios as Im unsure of what timings to use for this CPU. THis is my 1st AMD processor.

thanks in advance

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  1. Ive just checked the Asus website and your board has the processor Overheat protection. It sounds like your Heatsink isnt attached correctly and the motherboard is switching itself off to prevent the CPU from burning up. Try reseating the heatsink and see if it works then. Ive had this same problem on an MSI 745 Ultra with the same overheat protection, when I took off the HSF only a small proportion of the die had contacted the heatsink. After reseating the HSF it worked fine.

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