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i'm playing ET on three computers, but only my notebook gets a message that it failed to resolve ETguidauth...

I don't know how it comes! somethimes i can join a server, but most of the time not. the exams are comming and i need the space on my desk to study, so my machine is 'gone'. so i want to play with notebook.

i tried to shut down firewall, no succes.

the ET guids are all diffrend, and we play on wifi, but never 2-3 at the same time. thanks for helping me

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  1. ET?
  2. return to castle wolfenstein enemy territory

    you know, ET (not must phone home guy :hello:
  3. Wouldn't that be RtCW:ET?

    Not that I probably would have figured out that acronym either...

    Try reinstalling.

    Also you might want to see if you can upgrade your network drivers.
  4. hey, thanks for reply

    yes that's the game, but i reinstalled it 5 times, no use. now i'm in contact with pb evenbalance, but it didn't work what they said. eumh, it's odd because the other systems in the network are running the game well, and i can play only when i freshly reinstalled the game :s
  5. Try manually updating your punkbuster (think the exe is in the etmain folder or a pb sub folder in it).

    BTW, ET is just about one of my favorite games of all time. I think I've started an addiction to the game for about 10-15 people.
  6. i maid my whole batminton squad play it, i have pbsetup, but that even didn't help. i even cant get a new cdkey at console. pb_etkeyreg and stuff because the problem blocks it.

    thanks for reply
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