Serious Issue with Counter Strike Source

Hey there everyone.

Just recently I've had the displeasure of getting 500+ 800+ ping in counterstrike making it unplayable and doesn't even allow me to select a team anymore. When i mimize from CSS when getting this I look at my ventrilo and realise my ping in ventrilo is a 6 digit number therefore lagging my whole internet. The momment i minimize from CS;S my ping in ventrilo drops back down to 47 as usual. I just reformated and did a clean install thinking it was a virus or something. I'm now on a freshly installed computer and I still have the same issue. Weird thing is that I can play Team Fortress 2 with absolutely no issue. But in CS:S any server i connect to causes my internet to have severe lag and not allowing me to play at all. My rates are set to default, and even when switching them to suggested rates still does not fix my issue. I have tried it on my brother's laptop and the ping was fine. I have tried it on the wired computer downstairs it is also fine. I'm so lost with this, It really doesn't make any sense. I'm sure some will suggest that it is due to wireless possibly? But i haven't had that issue in the past, and how would i be able to run Team Fortress 2 with no issue and not CS:S.
Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch
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  1. Don't bother replying I fixed it by disabling some stuff in the router settings. Thanks :)
  2. what did you disable? cus i been getting this recently.during peak times my ping quite often hits over a thousand and never below 500. any other time i.e morning,midday and very late at night(2-3am) ping is a healthy 20-50.
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