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Hey all,
I'm a new poster, and long term reader. I have a lot of respect for the opinions on this site and want to ask a question about how people have configure multiple HDD for their Gaming Rigs. I am have been reading some post on the Raid 0 Config. not being the pro choice for Gaming since it offers little to no benefit. I currently have Two 250GB Sata2 Drives in a Raid 0 Config at the moment but after doing some reading for the last few days i'm wondering if i need to rethink this choice.

Current Setup
MOBO Raid 0 = Partition 1 = XP, Partition 2, install root for Games/Pagefile
Note: PageFile is placed with Game data to "theoretically" reduce head moving with playing.

Revised Setup
Drive 1 = System/Page File
Drive 2 = Game Disk

I would like to get some feedback what some others are doing and opinions on if my current setup and suggestion on improving it. Redudancy isn't a problem i have all my important data on a Different PC that backs up to a Synology CS407 (1.5TB Raid5 FTW).
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  1. Raid 0 is actually pretty decent for improving performance, but it has one major downside. If either drive dies, you lose 100% of your data.

    If I have 2 hard drives to work with, I will usually set up very similar to your revised set up there. It divvys up the load between the drives without tying their fates together.

    If you have 4 hard drives to work with I would set it up with your system drive being alone and moving your page file to a raid 5 array as the second partition. then load all of your games and high performance aps to the array.

    I generally do not like to use Raid 0 or JBOD due to the risk of data loss. I also generally do not like using raid for my system drive due to the added annoyance and difficulty of reinstalling windows or restoring from a lost drive.
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