Selling almost new gaming computer with monitor and stuff

follow this link and bid or send me a message about what you would pay to buy it now:
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  1. Changed your mind about paying for a $1400 pc after 1/2 a month? Sure theres nothing wrong with it rather?
  2. The warranty is included. I probably could return it for the money back, maybe not without the original packaging or a reciept which my dad probably threw away, if my dad took the time from his busy schedule to return something for the first time in his life. That's the problem. He said I can't change my mind about this one, but he meant he wont buy another one, so I have to stick with it or sell it for a downgrade.
  3. Why would you sell a gaming desktop to buy gaming laptop... =/

    The best gaming laptops cost $3000+, and they perform as well as a gaming desktop you can build yourself for $600
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