Problem keeping 100fps in an old game


here are my specs
its an eMachines computer with
2.8ghz Intel P4
1.5GB Ram
PNY Geforce 6600GT

Alright heres the problem: I cant keep 100fps in counterstrike1.6. I start my computer, its a good 99/100 fps for a pug or two, but by the third pug it drops to 70 or so fps then by the fourth it drops to 50 and so on all the way till about 30/40 fps. Now, since this is 1.6 were talking about, im pretty sure im supposed to be able to easily keep 100fps in 1.6

Im pretty sure its not a heat problem because i have 4 fans.. And when ever my fps drops, i can just restart and it and itll be back at 100fps.

So, what do you guys think is the problem? Ive searched around and i couldnt find a similar situation. So, i cmae here, imma post in some other places too.
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  1. May i ask what a pug is and are you using the latest drivers, scanned for virus' etc etc.
  2. Scan for virus, and get spybot search and destroy to scan for spyware.

    It sounds like something is running in the background that is taking up CPU or RAM.
  3. I had this once with my old XFX 7900GTX but it was happening in all games. Eventually i returned it for a replacement and problem was solved.

    Took a while to convince XFX that the problem was the GFX card though and not something else!
  4. Does no-one else consider it odd that it doesn't affect other games on his machine? (I'm assuming it doesn't since the OP didn't mention any others).

    On that alone, I'd suspect it was something wrong with his CS installation and try reinstalling that first.
  5. San Pedro said:
    Scan for virus, and get spybot search and destroy to scan for spyware.

    It sounds like something is running in the background that is taking up CPU or RAM.

    Or a memory leak? But I never heard of a memory leak in CS 1.6.

    Also the Llama has a point, do you play any other games? If so then are you getting similar problems? If not then the re-install idea is one of your best bets.
  6. Update!

    A pug is 5v5 first to 16 rounds, last about 30-45mins

    A memory leak.. Yea. i beleive that was the problem. I had a bunch of demo files (playbacks of past matches) in my cstrike folder and i removed them and the problem isnt completely solved. But i can keep 100fps for about 5ish pugs. which is alot better than just 2 or so.

    I also went into msconfig and disabled all except nvidia control panel thing

    It happens in all Steam games. im pretty sure.

    I dont really play any other games except quake3, and yea it happens. so.

    Hmmm. I think im happy with 5ish pugs 100fps. cus i usually take a break by then and i can restart then. thanks!
  7. some games do this, if you want an extreme example, download and install second life

    for the first 10-15 minutes your FPS will be around 30FPS

    after that it starts to decline to around 10 FPS

    everyone has that problem with SL

    some games are just poorly made when it comes to performance (sl is pretty much the only game I have seen with this problem though, crysis and many other games on my pc have no problem )
  8. imo upgrade.
  9. 6600gt is overkill already for cs1.6
  10. Maybe he meant to upgrade his games! ;)
  11. Umm... are you capturing demos for EVERY game you play? That right there is probably your problem.
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