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I have for sale today a set of Razer desktop peripherals. Included in this set is one Razer Lycosa keyboard and one Razer Lachesis. Both are slightly used and are fully functioning devices.

I am getting ready to leave for the military and need to part with some of my computer items.

The mouse and keyboard are both blue backlit and are very sleek.

I am asking for $100 for the set plus shipping. Would be willing to sell them individually if requested.
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  1. It would probably be good to include daylight pictures to show the condition of the items. Also, what edition of the Lycosa you have, the normal rubberized one, or the smooth mirror edition.

    To any potential buyers: being an owner of these two items, they really do go great together, although the Lachesis takes a few days or maybe even a week to getting used to and the Lycosa has lower-profile keys that might take getting used to as well.
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